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Abloy electric lockAbloy electric lock

Londonline door latchLondonline door latch

Mortice lock
Mortice lock

Security locks

London locksLocks

Most burglars are opportunists and the best way to avoid theft is to ensure your property is secured in the most vulnerable areas.

Most doors and windows that have good quality security will deter a burglar, as they do not wish to draw attention to themselves by making excessive noise.

Registered LocksRegistered Locks

Saxon manufacture their own locks, registered lock systems, and master suites.

Access Control

Digital door locks, electric releases, electro-magnetic locks, swipe card access systems and solenoid bolts.


Burglaries are extremely common by entry through a window. Window locks for all types of windows can be found. Insurance requirements are for “locks on all accessible windows”; this usually means near flat roofs and down pipes, however, if a ladder is used to break in your home, that window is then classed as accessible.

Front door locksFront Door

It is recommended that all entrance doors be fitted with a mortice lock, the most secure being those certified to BS3621 British Standard.

A cylinder lock should also be present on the door. There are wide ranges of rim locks available all with different locking features.

London bars and hinge bolts are additional security items, which will delay any attempt to break in.

Back door

A mortice lock is normally accompanied by a pair of key operated security bolts fitted a third up from the bottom and a third down from the top of the door.
French doors (double) require security bolts to the final closing door locking vertically up and down to the fixed frame.


A range of padlocks, hasps and staples, padbars, hardened chain, can all give a reasonable level of protection. Often tools used to break in are often items taken from sheds. Although your garden spade is not valuable in itself it becomes a powerful lever to wrench doors and windows. Also secure ladders to a fence or house.

Panic Hardware

Panic bolts, panic latches, locking attachments and all types of door closers.